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Fantastic Fall Cookies

Fall is baking season! Celebrate with these fall cookie recipes that feature some of fall’s best flavors.

Fantastic Fall Cookie Recipes

When I think of fall cookies, I think of great flavors. I think of cozy kitchens with freshly baked cookies cooling on the counter. While I do admire pretty decorated cookies in the shapes of leaves and other fall themes, I prefer a good Snickerdoodle or shortbread or something with lots of spices or maybe some caramel.

This collection of fall cookies celebrates the flavors of the season along with a good dose of comfort baking. Just looking at all of these makes me want to spend the day in the kitchen baking batch after batch. I hope you’ll be inspired to bake some cookies this fall, too!

Tips for Baking Cookies

Ready to get baking? Take a minute to brush up on your cookie baking skills with these helpful tips!

Fantastic Fall Cookies

From the comforting warmth of cinnamon and caramel to the delightful crunch of toffee and nuts, we've got a delicious lineup that'll make your autumn even sweeter.

Even More Fall Cookies

I must confess that whittling this list down to these fourteen cookies was a tall order. This is my favorite time of year to bake, and cookies are my favorite thing to bake. So, it took all I had not to inundate you with dozens of cookie recipes. If you should still want more cookie inspiration, be sure to visit the Recipe Index.

Enjoy baking all your favorite fall cookies this season! I’ll be sharing even more cookies soon, so add yourself to my email list if you want to get notified of new and featured recipes.

Happy baking!

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  1. what can be used in place of cookie butter cannot find it

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Love your recipes! Thank for so many of them ๐Ÿ™‚

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