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Welcome to Bake or Break! This is your home for simple baking recipes that make joyfully delicious treats perfect for sharing with loved ones and friends. While the focus is on from-scratch baking, the recipes are easy to follow and are sure to yield questions like “you baked this yourself?!” and “can I have some more, please?”

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A few features of Bake or Break (or BoB as I’ve grown to call it) make it easier to find just the right thing to bake.

Bake or Break Recipe Index

The recipe index is the place to browse either generally by category or narrowed down to specific ingredients. You’ll find pretty quickly that I have a pretty serious love of chocolate!

You can search for specific terms using the search field present on every page. If you remember the name of a recipe, this will get your there quickly. You can also use the search field for general searches like sandwich cookies or cream cheese frosting.

I hope you’ll find plenty of baking inspiration here at BoB. I love sharing my baking adventures with you!

And if you’d like to read a bit more about Jennifer, the self-taught baker behind the blog, click here.