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Favorite Spring Desserts

Spring is the perfect opportunity to refresh our baking repertoire! Let’s embrace the vibrant, fresh flavors that spring offers with these irresistible spring desserts!

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In this collection, we’re embracing the vibrant, fresh flavors that spring offers. Think of the sweet tartness of strawberries, the zesty punch of lemons, and the subtle warmth of vanilla. These ingredients not only awaken our palates but also inspire our baking to be lighter, more colorful, and full of life.

From the beautiful chantilly cake adorned with fresh berries to zesty lemon bars that melt in your mouth, each recipe is a celebration of the season’s bounty. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just starting out, these recipes are designed to bring big results with simple steps.

Join me in welcoming spring with open arms and an eager appetite!

Spring Baking Tips

Before you dive into these delicious spring desserts, take a moment to read through these simple tips to get your baking off to a great start this spring.

  • Keep cool. Spring brings warmer temperatures, too, but there are ways to avoid making your kitchen your least favorite place when it gets hot. See my summer baking tips if things are already heating up in your neck of the woods.
  • Don’t forget about humidity. From your ingredients to the finished baked goods, high humidity can have an effect. If your baked goods seem too dry or too wet, then consider adjusting the wet ingredients in your recipe a bit if you feel comfortable doing that.
  • Embrace seasonal produce. Strawberries, lemons, and early peaches are just a few of the fresh flavors that make this season so delicious! If you need to use frozen fruits versus fresh, you can learn more about how to make that substitution successfully in my fresh vs frozen fruits in baking rundown.
  • Focus on lighter, brighter flavors. Move away from the rich, heavy desserts of winter. Spring is all about light and refreshing flavors like citrus and berries.
  • Ready for some spring cleaning, too? See my tips for organizing baking supplies!

Favorite Spring Desserts

Celebrate spring with these delectable desserts! From coconut cake to carrot cake, lemon bars to fruit tarts, you're sure to find plenty to make your season sweeter!

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