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11 Simple Coffee Cakes to Enjoy Anytime of Day

Coffee cakes are such versatile treats, and these coffee cake recipes are ones to bookmark for those times you need a cake to enjoy any time of the day!

11 Simple Coffee Cakes to Enjoy Anytime of Day

Easy Coffee Cake Recipes

Coffee cakes are well-loved because of their simplicity, versatility, and, most importantly, taste! And they almost always have a crumb topping, which is completely irresistible in my book.

These cakes are usually one-layer cakes or Bundt cakes, making preparation nice and simple. There may be some swirling or a topping, but these 11 simple coffee cakes fall nicely into the quick and easy category.

Why are they called coffee cakes?

Coffee cakes aren’t made with coffee. Instead, as the name implies, these are the types of cakes that are the perfect companion for your coffee break.

But, don’t stop there! They’re also great for a sweet morning treat, a simple dessert, or just a snack. Think of them as anytime cakes!

Find your new favorite coffee cake recipe:

slices of Sour Cream Coffee Cake on a white tray

If you enjoy coffee cake in its purer forms, then this Sour Cream Coffee Cake is for you! It’s a simple cake topped with a buttery cinnamon topping. It’s just the kind of cake you’ll make again and again!

slice of Brown Sugar Pecan Coffee Cake on a beige and white plate

Simple flavors for the win with this Brown Sugar Pecan Coffee Cake. I love that I usually have everything on hand to make this whenever I need a simple treat.

overhead view of Lemon Cream Cheese Coffee Cake on parchment paper

This is The Coffee Cake for lemon lovers! There’s lots of lemon throughout this Lemon Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, making it a sweet and tart dream!

Sour Cream Banana Coffee Cake on a dark gray cake plate

Bananas and chocolate and nuts… oh, my! Sour Cream Banana Coffee Cake has a lovely, subtle flavor and is a bit less dense than most coffee cakes.

slice of Pecan Pie Coffee Cake on a square white plate

Ever since I first shared this Pecan Pie Coffee Cake, it’s been so popular. And for good reason! The cake itself is fairly simple, but then pecan pie filling is poured over the top. That’s when the magic happens!

slice of Blueberry Coffee Cake on a blue-rimmed white plate

This Blueberry Coffee Cake is super simple to make and is jam-packed with blueberries. When fresh blueberries are available, this is one of my favorite ways to put them to delicious use. And if you’re a big blueberry fan like I am, then check out this Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, too!

slice of Peach Cobbler Coffee Cake on a white plate

Two desserts collide in this Peach Cobbler Coffee Cake! It features layers of peaches, cake, and crumb for a fantastic treat.

slice of Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake on a white plate

Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake keeps things simple with a chocolate chip-studded cake and a crumb topping with a hint of cinnamon. It’s one of my favorite baking examples of less is more.

Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffins on a light gray surface

For something a little different, try these Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffins. They have everything you love about traditional coffee cake but in individual sizes that are wonderfully portable.

two slices of Caramel Apple Crumb Cake on a red-rimmed white plate

Apples + caramel = deliciousness. That’s certainly the case in this Caramel Apple Crumb Cake. The flavors make me think of fall, but I’ll happily bake and enjoy this cake any time of year!

slice of Brown Butter Pecan Coffee Cake on a red floral-rimmed white plate

Brown Butter Pecan Coffee Cake has just the right amount of sweetness. Combine that with crunchy pecans and the rich, nutty flavor of brown butter for a delightful cake.

I hope you’ll be inspired to whip up one of these cakes soon! Brew a cup of your favorite coffee and dig into a slice. Save some for a simple dessert. Or just grab a slice whenever you’re craving a sweet snack!

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  1. WOW what a delicious collection! All the cakes look just perfect with a cup of coffee!

  2. No sabría cual elegir. Todos lucen riquísimos y con una presentación de lujo

  3. Amazing, All these delicious cakes are perfect to have with a cup of tea and especially when you guests are visiting your place. Great idea.

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