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Small Batch Easter Desserts

If your Easter celebration is for two or a few, then these small batch desserts are just what you need!

Small Batch Easter Desserts

Small Batch Easter Desserts

With just the two of us at home, I often find myself making small batch desserts for us to enjoy for special occasions. These particular recipes are great choices for a small Easter gathering or some other springtime celebration.

I hope you’ll found some Easter dessert inspiration among these recipes. If you’re hosting a larger gathering, then be sure to see my collection of favorite Easter desserts for a crowd. Whether your celebration is small or a bit larger, I wish you a very happy Easter!

Tips for Small Batch Baking

While the general rules of baking always apply, there are a few things to keep in mind when making small batch recipes.

  • Measure accurately. This is always a must in baking, but errors in measuring will likely be amplified with small quantities of ingredients.
  • Use the correct pans. Check the pan size needed for the recipe, as some small batch recipes need non-standard pans.
  • Use quality ingredients. Good quality ingredients will shine in your desserts!

How to Make an Intimate Holiday Special

A small gathering or even just a day spent with your partner is every bit as special as a holiday with lots of family and friends. Here are some things to consider to help make it even more special and memorable.

  • Plan a special menu. Choose things you know are favorites or go with some foods that are a little more effort than your usual fare.
  • Think about presentation. Take the extra time to add garnishes or focus on presentation for your food.
  • Decorate. This can be as simple or as involved as you want. Add a few touches to your table to fit the Easter theme. Even just some pretty napkins can dress up your table.
  • Dress up! Just because it’s a small gathering doesn’t mean you can’t dress up.

Small Batch Easter Desserts

In this list, you'll find some of the best small-batch dessert recipes that are perfect for celebrating the holiday with your loved ones.

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  1. All of these look fantastic. Hard to choose. Will save and try all at one time or another.

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