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12 Easy Dinner Rolls and Breads

Making homemade bread has never been so fuss-free as these easy dinner rolls and breads recipes!

Easy Dinner Rolls and Breads

Easy Dinner Rolls and Breads

The vast majority of the recipes here at BoB are focused on the sweet side of baking, but that should in no way take away from all the breads, biscuits, rolls, and other savory recipes that I’ve shared.

This collection of breads offers a variety of dinner companions for most every taste. And they all have one important thing in common: They’re easy to make! From 3-ingredient biscuits to yeast rolls, none of these recipes are complicated, making it simple to add homemade bread to your menu!

You’ll see that homemade dinner rolls and breads don’t have to be long, involved processes. There are plenty of ways to make your favorite breads to share at a meal with friends and family. I hope you’ll be inspired to get in the kitchen and give one of these a try. You may just find your new favorite homemade dinner roll recipe or an easy quick bread to add to your baking repertoire!

Tips for Making Savory Breads

Each recipe is different, but here are some general tips to keep in mind when making these dinner rolls and breads.

  • Read the recipe thoroughly. Do this before you plan to bake so you can be sure to have all the ingredients and tools you need and also know how much time the recipe will take. Many bread recipes (especially yeast breads) have hands-off time that’s important to get the desired result. Review the ingredients and instructions to make sure you’re prepared.
  • Measure accurately. This is always important in baking! The most mis-measured ingredient in baking is flour, and there’s usually quite a bit in savory breads. If you have a digital scale, measure by weight for the best accuracy. You can simulate that by spooning the flour lightly into the measuring cup. Then using a straight edge like the back of a knife to level off the top. Learn more: How to Measure Flour
  • Make ahead. With few exceptions, breads will keep well at room temperature for at least a day or two and in the freezer even longer. So many are just as good thawed from frozen as they are fresh. Making your breads in advance is a great way to get ahead of your baking and cooking tasks before a holiday or special occasion. Be sure to check the recipe’s recommendations for storage.
  • Customize! For breads that feature herbs and seasonings, you can change them to suit your tastes. Or make variations to complement the other flavors of your meal.
  • Be wary of other substitutions. Baking is a science, and baking recipes aren’t always receptive to changes. Especially the first time you make a recipe, make it as written before attempting to make major changes.

Easy Dinner Rolls and Breads Recipes

These easy recipes are perfect options when you want homemade bread without the fuss. With yeast breads, biscuits, and more, there's sure to be something here you'll love!

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