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Milk Chocolate Brownies

Sweet, smooth milk chocolate offers a tasty twist on a classic dessert with Milk Chocolate Brownies. - Bake or Break

Are you a milk chocolate or dark chocolate fan? I like both, although I usually prefer dark chocolate. Quinn, on the other hand, will choose milk chocolate most any day. Combine that with how much he likes brownies, and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to make Milk Chocolate Brownies.

Using milk chocolate versus dark or unsweetened chocolate really changes up the usual flavor of traditional brownies. As you would expect, they are a bit sweeter than your average brownie. That smooth taste of milk chocolate is there, too, making these pretty irresistible!

Sweet, smooth milk chocolate offers a tasty twist on a classic dessert with Milk Chocolate Brownies. - Bake or Break

This recipe is a variation on my go-to brownie recipe, which uses bittersweet chocolate. I swapped the bittersweet for milk chocolate and also decreased the sugar, as milk chocolate has more sugar than dark chocolate. I also added just a bit of cocoa powder to bump up the chocolate flavor just a bit.

Any time chocolate is the star of a recipe, you can be sure that I’m going to advise you to use good quality chocolate. We won’t all like the same brands of chocolate, so just be sure to use a chocolate that you would happily eat all on its own.

Sweet, smooth milk chocolate offers a tasty twist on a classic dessert with Milk Chocolate Brownies. - Bake or Break

If you’re looking for something just a bit different in the brownie world or you’re just a big fan of milk chocolate, then give these brownies a try. The flavor is fantastic, and the texture is wonderfully soft and fudgy. And they’re quick and easy to make, too. A winner all the way around!

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Milk Chocolate Brownies

Yield 16 2-inch brownies
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes

Sweet, smooth milk chocolate offers a tasty twist on a classic dessert with Milk Chocolate Brownies.

Sweet, smooth milk chocolate offers a tasty twist on a classic dessert with Milk Chocolate Brownies. - Bake or Break


  • 1 cup (170g) milk chocolate baking squares, discs, or chips
  • 1/2 cup (113g) unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup (100g) granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup (50g) firmly packed light brown sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 cup (120g) all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Line an 8-inch square baking pan with parchment paper so that the paper overhangs by a few inches on two opposite sides.
  2. Place the chocolate and butter in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat in the microwave at half power in 30-second increments until the butter is melted and the chocolate melts when stirred. Stir until smooth. Set aside to cool slightly.
  3. Mix the sugar, brown sugar, eggs, and vanilla until well-blended. Add the chocolate-butter mixture, and mix until smooth.
  4. Add the flour, cocoa powder, and salt, and mix just until combined.
  5. Transfer the batter to the prepared pan and spread evenly. Bake 35-40 minutes, or until a pick inserted into the center comes out with a few moist crumbs attached. Run a knife along the non-lined sides of the pan. Cool in the pan on a wire rack.
  6. Using the overhanging parchment paper, lift the cooled brownies out of the pan and onto a cutting board. Use a sharp knife to cut into bars.

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Sweet, smooth milk chocolate offers a tasty twist on a classic dessert with Milk Chocolate Brownies. - Bake or Break

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    29 Comments on “Milk Chocolate Brownies”

  1. I have to admit milk chocolate is not one of my favorite chocolates to bake with but I agree the quality makes all the difference.  I love to tell the story of a fellow baker who apparently was a little insecure telling me my cake was wonderful “even if I did use milk chocolate” which was a bit of a backhanded compliment because at the time serious bakers tended to snub milk chocolate.  Luckily our choices got better and it is more stable and less likely to scorch these days and can be a nice change from the darker chocolates (though you will never sway me from preferring dark).  I tried some very high quality milk  chocolates at a European chocolate shop and they were quite wonderful.  I almost preferred the milk which is very unusual!  I will have to try these and see what my treat-lovers think!  Thanks for another good one to change things around.

  2. Made these brownies last night as I had a lot of milk chocolate floating around the house. I made a couple of changes. I didn’t realize I was completely out of cocoa powder, so I swapped for a 1/3 oz square of dark chocolate. Also, I added a peanut butter swirl to the top–because who doesn’t love peanut butter. It was good for what it was, milk chocolate. Maybe it would’ve been better had the chocolate been of a higher quality? I used Cadbury and Ghirardelli. 

  3. I made these recently and I also didn’t have any cocoa in the house which was a first.  I used a few more 
    Ghiradelli milk chocolate chips .   Didn’t frost them although I usually  do but they were sooo good and 
    Didn’t even need a frosting .  The moistness and taste were to die for !! A big hit  at my  daughter in laws .   Will definitely use this recipe again, so good !!!  

  4. These look amazing ! What if I wanted to make them in a 9 x 13 pan . What would you recommend the baking time be ? 

  5. Hi I’d like to know if you have this same recipe for a half sheet pan please and thank you 

    • Hi, Lisa. You can try scaling the recipe for the volume of a half sheet pan. The brownies will need to be thinner for that size pan. Just as a guess, I’d try tripling the recipe and adjust from there if needed.

  6. Delicious!  I doubled the recipe and baked in a 9 x 13 pan for 35 min.  They’re a tad dry so I’m gonna frost them but next time I’ll test after 30.  I used Green & Blacks organic chocolate bars wow!  I try to have nothing but organic in the house so everything was organic.  Oh, and gluten free for my daughter, so I used oat flour instead of wheat.  Oat bakes up just like wheat and isn’t grainy like the other flours.  Also, I don’t need xanthum gum like you do with other flours.  They may be a little moister tomorrow if they last that long, I’ve been munching them since they were hot and the cooler they get the milkier chocolatey they taste.  Ty for this recipe😁

  7. OOoo yea……milk chocolate frosting. 3.25 oz melted milk chocolate, 2 tbsp melted butter, scant cup of confectioners sugar, cream to desired consistency.  Just enough for a glaze. Fabulous!

  8. Also, the brownies are more moist after they cool.  These really didn’t need frosting,  it a tasty milk chocolate glaze doesn’t exactly ruin them. 😁

  9. Is it 6oz of milk chocolate or a cup??? A cup is 8oz so I’m a bit confused.

  10. This looks so delicious !
    I want to make this milk chocolate brownies.
    But can you give me the recipe in grams please ?
    I’m from Belgium, we use grams not cups.
    Thank you in advance.
    Hope you can answer, so I can make these brownies ! 😍

    • Hi, Naiara. I’m in the process of adding weight measurements to all of my recipes, but I haven’t quite gotten to this one yet. If you want to bake them before I can add the additional information, try an online ingredient weight chart like the one at King Arthur Flour.

  11. Just tried this recipe – my brownies are in the oven right now!

    Just a note, when melting the chocolate, I feel 30 second increments Is far too long. I did this and my chocolate completely seized after only the second 30second period in the microwave. I would recommend doing it for 10 seconds at a time next time. 

    I had to reverse engineer my chocolate, which obviously added a lot more time to the recipe! 

  12. Where did I go wrong my brownies have gone rock solid only cooked for 30 mins ? Why so much flour aswell? 

  13. This recipe is delicious. Sweet with mild chocolate flavor that is not overwhelming.   Caution on the baking time though. I used a glass 8 inch square with parchment. I was concerned about the long baking time in the recipe. I started checking mine at 20 minutes and by 25 minutes they were cooked perfectly. Another 10 minutes would have created little chocolate rocks. 

    • Hi, Sara. Glass pans bake very differently than metal. The edges get done much sooner than the center, so you end up with unevenly baked brownies that can be hard and tough. If you want to use a glass pan for baking, try lowering the oven temperature by 25 degrees.

  14. These are delicious! I’ve made these many times now over the past year and this has become my go-to brownie recipe. (I’m really eager to make them tonight with some Kahlua buttercream on top!) I use the Ghiradelli brand milk chocolate chips and cocoa powder to make these and it’s always been a hit.

  15. These look like the perfect brownie recipe for what I have been searching for.  My husband really will only eat milk chocolate.  I have tried about a dozen recipes, tweaking ever so slightly.  He is SO particular and such a milk chocolate fan!   I have one question I would love your advice on.  If I add milk chocolate chips at the very end (hubby loves the mixed in chunks) should I reduce the chocolate chips that you melt in from 1 cup to a half cup and add in the second 1/2 cup at the end?  OR keep your original recipe and add in an extra half cup chips at the end ?  I am concerned about getting the bars too sweet.  I appreciate your time.  This looks like it might be the winner I have been searching for.  Thank you.  Also does the cocoa powder matter if you use Hershey’s regular or Dutch process?

    • Hi! You can add more chocolate chips, but you’ll need to keep the melted chocolate the same. Dutch process has different properties and flavor than natural unsweetened cocoa powder. It may work well enough, but you won’t get quite the same result.

  16. I made the brownies earlier tonight and they were delicious. I used semi-sweet chocolate chips , which is what I had, even though I love milk chocolate.

  17. Just made these with all the leftover Easter eggs it was amazing thankyou

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