7 of the very best chocolate chip cookie recipes

These chocolate chip cookie recipes offer big, small, soft, chewy, crispy, and any other kind of cookie you're craving!

1. chewy chocolate chip cookies

These crowd-pleasing cookies feature crispy edges and chewy centers. They're always a favorite!

2. Jacques Torres Chocolate chip cookies

These are considered by some to be the ultimate chocolate chip cookie!

3. mini chocolate chip cookies

These bite-size cookies are perfect for sharing and gifting!

4. brown butter salted chocolate chip cookies

You can't beat these flavorful cookies for sweet and salty fans!

5. oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Oats add a  hearty texture in these soft, chewy cookies.

6. chocolate chip cookie bars

Get everything you love about chocolate chip cookies without all the scooping!

7. small batch chocolate chip cookies

This scaled-down recipe makes just enough cookies to serve a few!

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