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Weekly Mix: One-Bowl Wonders

I do so enjoy sharing beautiful baking recipes with all of you. I could not be happier to be able to spend my days baking so that I can pass along delicious dessert ideas to my fellow bakers.

Some days, though, it just doesn’t work out that way. This week, I’ve had three baking failures. Three! Failures are bound to happen occasionally, but three in one week seems a little extreme.

Earlier this week, though, I had great baking success with this beautiful Italian Jam Crostata. One of the best things about that tart is that it is quick and easy to put together. And, you’ll only need one bowl for mixing.

Italian Jam Crostata | Bake or Break

While I was making that tart, I started thinking about the beauty of the one-bowl dessert. Washing dishes and unloading the dishwasher are, without a doubt, my least favorite kitchen chores. So, any time I can cut down on how many bowls and utensils I use to make something, I am all for it. Who’s with me?

If you raised your hand, here are some favorite One-Bowl Wonders to add to your baking arsenal.

Almond-Apricot Sandwich Cookies | Bake or Break

These beautiful Almond-Apricot Sandwich Cookies are one of my favorites. The cookies and apricot filling are a lovely balance of sweetness. Plus, they look far more impressive than your efforts might indicate.

Blueberry Croissant Bread Pudding | Bake or Break

Sticking with the jam/preserves theme, this Blueberry Croissant Bread Pudding is one of Quinn’s all-time favorites. It’s a great, quick dessert you can whip up with the aid of croissants from your favorite bakery. I’ve made this many times, although not recently. That may need to change soon!

Cookies and Cream Cheesecakes | Bake or Break

One of the best uses of Oreos I’ve ever tasted is this recipe for Cookies and Cream Cheesecakes. These little beauties take the idea of Oreo cheesecake to new heights with a whole cookie as the crust. Make these. Seriously.

A while back, I put together a collection of some favorite One-Bowl Desserts. That’s a category I like to add to as much as I can, so be sure to follow my One-Bowl Desserts Pinterest board for more of these clean-up friendly desserts.

Do you have a favorite one-bowl dessert? Please share a link below!

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    5 Comments on “Weekly Mix: One-Bowl Wonders”

  1. One bowl wonders are my favorite! I don’t have a dishwasher (except for my two hands heehee) so less bowls are awesome. I also LOVE your pretty blue bowl in your first photo. Such a pretty shade of blue and shape 🙂 Great recipe list!

  2. It’s encouraging to know that baking failures happen to all of us! Your blog is one of my faves, a definite go-to when I’m looking for new ideas. I’ve made many of your recipes and have enjoyed each one. Thank you for sharing all of your hard work with the rest of us!

  3. I’m with you on this one, I am! I’m all for recipes that minimize clean-up time, so thank you for this, and for the great recipes. The apricot sandwich cookies look so enticing, and the cookies and cream cheesecakes look sinfully delicious!

  4. Love this! The tart looks gorgeous and I’m in love with the one-bowl idea. Heading to your pinterest page as we speak!

  5. I love your blog! And I, too, adore the wonders of the one-bowl baking projects. 🙂

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