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Weekly Mix: More Thanksgiving Desserts

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! Are you ready? I’ve got our meal planned, groceries being delivered today, and a turkey to pick up on Tuesday.

I am strangely undecided about dessert, though. If any of you are in the same boat, here’s some help for you.

  • FoodBuzz Daily has put together a delicious set of Thanksgiving Pies. One of those may look a bit familiar to BoB fans.
  • Southern Living has a deliciously tempting roundup of their best Thanksgiving Desserts.
  • Huffington Post Taste has a great non-pie dessert collection for Thanksgiving. Their collection features some very talented food bloggers and some unique dessert options.
  • Last week, I shared my Thanksgiving Desserts Pinterest board with all of you. Thanks to those of you who made dessert suggestions, especially the pumpkin desserts. I’ll keep adding to it leading up to the big day next Thursday. Do let me know if you have any must-have desserts. I’ll share as many as possible.

Pie does seem to be synonymous with Thanksgiving. I haven’t been all that pie prolific here on BoB. But, that will change as this year I finally got my firm grasp on making pie crusts. If you need a bit of help or guidance, be sure to read and see my Pie Crust Tutorial. I’m certainly no expert, but I am just giddy to have figured out the best way that works for me.

In other news, yesterday was National Bundt Cake Day. As someone who is severely lacking in frosting skills, I am a big fan of Bundt cakes. In celebration, I created a new Pinterest board dedicated to Bundt cakes. As I figure I’m not alone in my Bundt cake love, let me know your favorite Bundt recipes. I’m always on the hunt for new ones. And, stay tuned for a new Bake or Break Collection of my favorite Bundt cakes.

One little moment of BoB pride before I go. Last week, Relish Magazine featured me and those amazing German Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars in their weekly Blogs We Love. In case you missed those, now’s your chance to be introduced to their deliciousness.

That’s it for this week, my friends. I have a few exciting things coming your way soon, including a giveaway and, of course, new recipes. For now, I’m off to figure out dessert for the big event. What are you serving this year?

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    3 Comments on “Weekly Mix: More Thanksgiving Desserts”

  1. i wasn’t going to read this as we don’t do thansgiving in australia, but i’m glad i did for all those mouthwatering pics! i love making pastry and pies but don’t make enough. thanks for the nudge to make one soon. enjoy your thanksgiving.

  2. Pecan pie is my favorite. I’ll probably also make one other pie but still deciding. My 11 year old wants to make pie pops for the kids’ table, too! Hope you provide a recap and pictures of your Thanksgiving selection.

  3. Oh snap that looks good. I can almost taste it looking at it. MMMM!!!

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