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Weekly Mix: Cookie Season and a Giveaway

It’s the end of a crazy, crazy week, at least for me. I hope yours has been far calmer than mine. I’ve baked so much this week that I lost track of what all I’ve made! I suppose that’s a good problem to have, at least for the recipients of all of those baked goods.

We are a day away from December, which means cookie season is here! Holiday time just seems like cookie time, doesn’t it? I’ve started a Cookies board on Pinterest just in time for full-tilt baking season. Be sure to keep an eye on that for some cookie inspiration. You can also peruse my Recipe Index. And, next week on BoB is officially Cookie Week! Make sure you don’t miss any of the fun!

Speaking of cookies, don’t forget about the Tate’s Bake Shop giveaway! You still have a short time left to enter to win a Tate’s Cookie and Bar Tower. It would make a fantastic gift for someone on your list. Or, you know, for yourself. I won’t tell.

I have another great giveaway for you, too! Just in time for all of your holiday baking, Chinet is giving a Bake or Break reader a big box of their new bakeware. These disposable baking pans would be great for giving baked goods as gifts or for transporting goodies to a get-together.

I’m using Rafflecopter for this giveaway. Either use your Facebook log-in or enter your email to get started. Then, follow the directions to enter. By using Rafflecopter, I’m able to give everyone some easy extra ways to enter!

A few things you need to know:

  • Giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. only.
  • Winner will be chosen randomly.
  • The winner will be contacted Friday, December 7th, 2012, via the email provided with entry. If no response is received within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen.

Good luck!

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    96 Comments on “Weekly Mix: Cookie Season and a Giveaway”

  1. I usually bake an assortment of at least 6 varieties for my relatives. It ALWAYS includes your standard chocolate chip cookie but the other five vary year to year. I typically include something chocolate, something oatmeal, something with nuts, and something spicy (giner, cinnamon, cloves, etc.)

  2. I love holiday baking. I usually do three or four different cookies, plus a few pies. yum, yum, yum!

  3. I love to make English toffee and chcoolate mint cookies! So yummy!

  4. I love to bake my awesome older sister gluten-free versions of holiday favorites–pumpkin pie, sugar cookies, etc.

  5. I love to bake everything – cookies, bars, quick breads, cakes….

  6. Cookies and bars

  7. cookies, homemade baked bread and blueberry tort.

  8. decorated sugar cookies!

  9. I seem to switch out what cookies I make each year, especially as I find new, awesome recipes! 🙂 This year I for sure will make chocolate chip pecan, pecan pie, pumpkin oatmeal scotchies, sugar, and oatmeal cream pies. YUM! Love the holidays!!!

  10. I make chocolate chip cookie dough truffles, so no baking really, and sugar plums every year for my co-workers. And cupcakes of many varieties for friends!

  11. peppernuts!

  12. I love to bake and decorate sugar cookies!

  13. I always have to make nut balls for my mom, and cashew turtles for my brother (he really likes my homemade caramel)!

  14. I like to bake cookies, biscotti, and quick breads. I also like to make candy.

  15. My grandmother was THE cookie queen, often bringing with her an entire suitcase filled with 10-15 different types of cookies. I can only attempt to fill her shoes, and with the assistance of my 21 year old daughter,we get pretty darn close!

  16. I like to bake cookies and bars for my kids.

  17. hi..what i love to bake is sponge cake rolled in chocolate and ground toasted almonds, and rafaello’s.

  18. I bake eggnog bread and eggnog cheesecake squares and I also make pumpkin crisp and I also make white chocolate chip cherry cookies.

  19. Cookies are what I bake the most for Christmas.

  20. I love baking pecan bars!

  21. Cookies are a big first on my baking list but I also do candy & pumpkin bread. I love sharing it.

  22. I love to make chocolate truffles or cookies of any kind!

  23. Lots and lots of cookies!

  24. i bake a special cracker bark…saltine crackers on the bottom of melted chocolate and pistachios on top.

  25. I love baking brownies and cookies, since they split well into individual servings.

  26. I love to bake & decorate sugar cookies & of course fudge!

  27. Double chocolate hazelnut biscotti in pretty packaging for all friends and family!

  28. I love cookie season! I make chocolate chip walnut cookies that are a huge hit every year 🙂

  29. i make crack brownies, apricot almond bars, ginger cookies, sugar cookies, as well as some candies!

  30. i make big trays of crack brownies, apricot almond bars, ginger cookies, nutella fudge cookies and candy: toffee, oreo balls, peanutbutter fudge! I love it!

  31. I like to bake Caramel Mix and Cookies for Christmas presents!

  32. I like to bake gingerbread cookies.

  33. Oreo Balls ! Everyone goes crazy about them!

  34. I will make or bake anything and everything for those who still crave cookies, coffee cakes, breads and more of long ago and surprise them with even more new delights.

  35. i like to make either cookies or truffles

  36. I like to make cookies and put them in festive tins!

  37. COOKIES!

  38. I like to bake all kinds of cookies and quick breads to give as gifts at Christmas

  39. Cookies, Cookies and more Cookies!

  40. I love to bake cookies!

  41. I love to bake cookies, but also make spiced nuts, candied popcorn, taffy and fudge.

  42. Holiday cookies are a way to bring the family together in the kitchen and you feel less pressure to hold back!

  43. I enjoy baking an assortment of baked goods and packaging them in pretty customized boxes for gifting to friends and neighbors so they each get what they like the best. I make chocolate caramel tarts, date-nut bread, butter tarts, cookies, cupcakes, and frozen cookie dough for baking later.

  44. I like to bake cakes for the holidays!

  45. Cookies of course, and lot’s of home made soups.

  46. I love to make homemade granola!

  47. I bake several types of cookies and candies to give as gifts – Pizzelles, pfefferneuse, buckeyes, toffee bars, gingerbread, butterballs, and more.

  48. Banana bread is our go-to baked gift!

  49. I love to make molasses cookies and fudge!

  50. Love to bake cookie and more cookies!!!

  51. Cookies and pumpkin chocolate chip bread!

  52. I will be making some mini loaf breads.

  53. I bake cut out cookies with my grandchildren.

  54. I actually give candy out, but love to bake brownies and cookies during this time of the year, plus lots of breakfast breads


  56. I love to make cookies for gifts!

  57. I’ll be baking chewy chocolate chip cookies.

  58. I bake cut out cookies and mexican wedding cakes

  59. I make cookies, bread, chex mix, and tamales for the holidays!

  60. i love to bake friendship bread! it’s such a great time of year to share it with everyone 🙂

  61. I love to give cookies, bars and candies. Thanks for the give-away.

  62. I love baking for Chirstmas giveaways for family and friends! Such as cookies, cakes and pies. It is so relaxing for me.

  63. Apple-date-nut cake!

  64. I love baking and cooking for holiday gifts. We make loads of cookies, whiskey bread, snickerdoodle bread, spiced nuts, etc.

  65. candy for gifting, fruitcake (made already), cheesecake for dinners and cookies for general knibbling!

  66. I like to bake cookies, breads and bars for friends and families.

  67. cinnamon buns!

  68. I like to bake small pound cakes

  69. I like to bake sweet and spicy almonds and pecans. It’s a perfect stocking stuffer!

  70. I’m a pretty traditional gal I guess. 🙂 I love to do cookies this time of year! Peanut butter blossoms are a personal fav. Still, I do a wide variety, including cake balls. It’s great to be able to bundle them up and share!

  71. I like to make cookies to give away, but I am thinking about going with a chocolate bark this year and maybe attempting toffee or caramels.

  72. I’m a cookie fan too, but I also love to give away sweet bread and fresh baked cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon rolls are always a huge hit this time of year!

  73. Anything gingerbread! I love baking and decorating gingerbread cookies

  74. btw the above comment is Caroline not Carolynine, slight typo haha

  75. I always try to bake up some lemon scented ginger almond snaps. Yum!

  76. Love to do chocolate chip cake cookies and bark..and trash!

  77. pumpkin chocolate chip bread for friends and family!

  78. Peanut butter balls and cookies of all kinds! Thanks

  79. I usually bake an assortment of things for gifts. I think I might just stick to cinnamon rolls this year, though…

  80. I usually do a cookie assortment, but thinking of doing homemade bread and jams this year.

  81. We’ve baked simple sugar cookies each year and we decorate them. It isn’t Christmas without this tradition!

  82. I just adore baking chocolate chip mint cookies for the holidays! It’s a tradition with my children.

  83. Basic sugar cookies with all kinds of christmas designs. we make these yearly.

  84. I like to make Holiday variety platters of Fudge, cookies regular and decorated ,peanut Butter balls ,barks etc etc!

  85. Divinity, millionaires, and peanut butter fudge! There’s nothing better than homemade candy!

  86. Classic chocolate chip cookies are the best!

  87. i love making gingerbread cookies

  88. I want to bake Macarons with egg nog filling but I’m intimidated… so I’ll probably make grinch cookies, peppermint bark, oreo balls, cranberry shortbread and some other delicious concoction.

  89. I always like to bake cookies to give as gifts for Christmas. I usually make a variety, including French butter cookies, raspberry filled, almond bars, etc.

  90. Puppy Chow! My Grandma taught me when I was little and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Now my whole family and my boyfriend loves it, so it makes the perfect treat!

  91. It doesn’t get baked, but I love making peppermint bark 😀

  92. I’m not sure if this counts, but Rice Krispie treats! In the shapes of Christmas things! If that doesn’t count, cupcakes!

  93. I like to make caramels. They might not be baked, but they are still delicious.

  94. For cookies I like to make Buckeyes and for a side dish my fave is hash brown casserole.

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