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Weekly Mix: Most Searched-For Baking Recipes

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week. Quinn and I have been all go for the last month or so, and we plan to be amazingly lazy this weekend. So. Excited.

This week, I came across this article at The Daily Meal that lists the most searched-for recipes in America this year. What is it about lists that fascinates us so? Anyway, as several of these are baking recipes, I thought I’d take a little different route on my Friday post and share my favorites for those of you on the great hunt for these recipes.

#3 Chocolate Cake: My favorite chocolate cake recipe was featured here a few years ago in a birthday cake that Quinn made for me. As much as I love chocolate, chocolate cake can be a bit of a disappointment. This one, to me, is exactly what chocolate cake should be.

#4 Chocolate Chip Cookies: I never tire of variations of chocolate chip cookies, but these, in all their chocolate-y, nutty, oat-y wonder, are still my go-to.

#5 Bread: Here’s the thing. I’m not a patient girl. My attempts at bread making have not gone well. But! Quick breads? Yeah, I can do those. They’re one of my favorite things to bake. Pear Bread is one of the best.

#9 Banana Bread: I’ve made several variations, but my favorite is quite possibly this Cream Cheese Banana Nut Bread. Cream cheese makes just about everything better, right?

#13 Apple Pie: These Apple Pie Bundles are easy, pretty, and more forgiving than traditional apple pie. But, I’ve got traditional covered for you, too, if you’re slightly more daring.

#14 Pizza Dough: This one is all about Quinn. You don’t see many savory recipes on BoB, but this recipe for pizza dough is, by far, the most popular.

#23 Chocolate Cupcakes: You can use the chocolate cake recipe from #3 for cupcakes. Or, you can go a different route with these Chocolate Salted-Caramel Mini Cupcakes. I know, right?

I hope you’ve found this helpful. I search the internet a lot for recipes and inspiration. Mostly baking recipes, but I do cook, too, you know. What kinds of recipes are you always trying to find?

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    4 Comments on “Weekly Mix: Most Searched-For Baking Recipes”

  1. That’s probably the best looking picture of a piece of chocolate cake I’ve ever seen.

    Thankfully it’s now the weekend (afternoon on Friday) when I let myself indulge a bit.

    Basically, I spent 45 minutes on the treadmill this morning (knocking out 4.5 miles), so that I can enjoy a piece of chocolate cake like that tonight without feeling too guilty.

  2. Mmmmmm, you are making me drool! Lovely list of yumminess 🙂

  3. I’m drooling too. The cake looks delicious and so do all the other recipes.

  4. Nice blog my friend! You should check out mine, its about cakes and cake recipes..just started it. Bye

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