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Weekly Mix and Birthday Giveaway #5

Happy Friday, everyone! Can you believe it’s almost July 4th?!? We don’t have big plans other than watching the Hudson River fireworks from our roof. No matter your plans, I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday. If you’re looking for some baking inspiration, I’ve put together some ideas for you.

As I was looking through all the sweet things I pinned this week, I immediately noticed a pattern. Cherries! While I’ve yet to get in gear this summer with baking with cherries, there are lots of food bloggers already on top of things.

First up is Rainier Cherry and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Lindsay of Love and Olive Oil. Remember Lindsay from the Cookie Dough-lympics? This week she moved from cookie dough to ice cream with summer cherries.

For all of you pie makers out there, don’t miss Chocolate Moosey’s Homemade Cherry Pie Filling. If you’re not a pie maker, you could use this spooned over ice cream or maybe some mini cheesecakes.

One more! Cherries find a summer buddy with this Blackberry Cherry Cobbler from Confections of a Foodie Bride. Summer cobblers are just the best. With a little ice cream? Yes, please!

Follow me on Pinterest to see what else is catching my eye around the internet. I always find far more than I can share here!

Before we move on to the final giveaway, here’s a look back at what was happening on BoB during this week in past years. Click on the images to go to the original post.

Thanks again to those of you who have entered this month’s blog birthday giveaways. I especially want to thank all of you for following my baking adventures, whether you’ve been here for the last 6 years or the last 6 minutes. Without you, there’s not much point in all of this!

For the final giveaway, I was really conflicted about what to do. I want to be able to share so many things with you! If I can’t do that, then I’ll let you pick what you want. Here’s the deal. I’ll give away a $50 gift card to one of my favorite online shops. The winner can choose which shop they’d like to have their little spree. Your choices are:

Click through on the images to start making your wish list! Depending on which site you choose, you can stock up on baking ingredients, pans, cookware, tools, and just about anything else you could need for baking!

UPDATE: Contest has ended. Congratulations to Doris, who chose a Sur la Table gift card. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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    179 Comments on “Weekly Mix and Birthday Giveaway #5”

  1. King Arthur – I love their flour, extracts, and other bread products. thanks!

  2. Williams-Sonoma! I would get a brownie pan!
    rebatink at gmail dot com

  3. Sur la table. I just bought a house. Its time to buy some new knives finally!

  4. It’s a tough choice between King Arthur & Williams-Sonoma…but I think I’d go with KA and stock up on flour, baking equipment.

  5. Williams Sonoma – a new cake pan 🙂

  6. I would love a gift card to, one of my favorite sites in the world. It’s hard to say what I would buy as there are just so many things that I want. I would buy the snack mixes as they all look amazing, particularly the Chocolate Monkey Trail Mix! Also, any of the dried fruit, a new “guilty” pleasure of mine.

  7. Awesome giveaway! I would definitely choose King Arthur Flour. I have my eye on their peppermint oil, vanilla bean paste, and strawberry jammy bits!

  8. I would pick the King Arthur Flour gift card. I have seen a lot of things on their website I would like to buy and this would help me out.

  9. I would choose Williams Sonoma – I am in desperate need of a cast-iron pan!

  10. I would choose sur la table and put it towards the cooking classes they offer! ive had this cupcake workshop in mind that sounds so fun!

  11. It’s hard to choose, but Williams Sonoma would allow me to get some sorely needed new bakeware. I am new to your site but I love it. I’ve tried two of your recipes now and both have been amazing. The pictures are also fantastic!

  12. I’d pick Sur la Table…there are such cute dishes and also interesting foods!

  13. oohhh, King Arthur, I think, because then I could buy some of those interesting baking ingredients I’ve always wanted to try.

  14. There are some pretty salad plates just sitting in my shopping cart at Williams Sonoma!

  15. Nice giveaway! As much as I love KAF, I’d have to go with Williams-Sonoma because I would LOVE a bundt pan!

  16. I would choose Sur la Table and buy either a donut pan or a mandoline!

  17. I would definitely go with Williams Sonoma since it is my favorite store and I would use it just to get some general baking tools to bring with me for my dorm when I go off to college in the fall. Not to mention once the new Baked cookbook, Baked Elements, comes out this fall I will have to get that!!

  18. sur la table! they have so many great small baking pans that i’ve always wanted. and i’d throw in a blender too 🙂

  19. I’m torn between and KAF…but I would probably land with KAF and buy all kinds of fun ingredients. Thanks!

  20. I would choose Sur La Table. I would probably get a few fun cookie cutters and a new strainer.

  21. Williams Sonoma because I can never have enough kitchen equipment!

  22. Williams-Sonoma for me. It’s time to restock my vinegars and they have some that are staples here.

  23. I would use the Williams-Sonoma card and put it toward a Le Creuset dutch oven.

  24. king arthur flour! i’ve always wanted to try their products beyond the flour that is carried at my local grocery store. I have heard nothing but good things about them! I’d love to try their black cocoa and their double dutch dark cocoa. And I’d get some Maldon sea salt! Great giveaway!

  25. Sur la Table – one of their cooking classes! Or a pan. Or a pasta machine.

  26. Williams Sonoma, and I’d buy smoked olive oil and some new baking pans.

  27. Williams-Sonoma. I’d buy some new cookie sheets and wire cooling racks for my wife.

  28. Williams Sonoma! I love kitchen stuffs. It amuses me when people buy me lotions, because obviously I’d be much happier with some fancy salt or vanilla beans or nesting bowls…What is it about nesting bowls that’s so alluring to me?

  29. I would choose William-Sonoma and I’d stock up on baking pans!

  30. I’d choose the card and buy Godiva Milk Chocolate Bars and chocolate walnut fudge.

  31. williams-sonoma….still stocking my first “real” apartment… still need a mixer and some nice pans!

  32. Definitely Sur La Table! I’ve got a list longer than my arm for that place!

  33. After MUCH browsing (what fun things!) I think I’d choose King Arthur flower. they have great prices, lots of kitchen things on my wish list & food. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Sur la Table for sure. I nearly die every time I go in.

    Having just bought a gorgeous new grill, I’d probably buy some of their grilling accessories. Or, more likely, I would get distracted by bowls on the way and walk out with some of those.

  35. williams sonoma, I’d buy more weck jars I don’t need and I’d buy the Nordic ware egg waffle pan so I can make chinese pancake desserts at home! Thanks, am loving birthday month!!

  36. I would pick King Arthur – my instinct is to go with Sur la Table, but there are so many ingredients (extracts, flours, chocolate, etc.) that I never buy because I don’t want to spend the money. This giftcard would force me to buy those ingredients and make something wonderful!

  37. I would choose either Williams-Sonoma or King Arthur Flour. I already buy from, so this way I could try someone else’s products (like graham flour to make graham crackers!).

  38. I would go with Sur La Table!! And I would put it towards either a KitchenAid Mixer or a new food processor!

  39. Sur La Table…definitely some new cutting boards!! 🙂

  40. I would choose Sur la Table

  41. Hey I just noticed you featured my pie filling when I was checking my site stats. Thank you so much 😀 And happy birthday to your blog!

    Well since I’m here…I’d pick Sur La Table and probably buy stuff for food props!

  42. Williams-Sonoma! I’d love to replace my old loaf pans!

  43. Williams Sonoma because they have the leCruset and the Duraclear glasses.

  44. Williams and Sonoma to go towards college kitchen stuff! (baking sheets, panini grill and more!)

  45. Williams Sonoma! To go towards a Vitamix. They are soooo expensive!

  46. Williams Sonoma because I need some new sheet pans. Mine are practically destroyed from using them every single day for one reason or another

  47. Williams Sonoma. I’d buy a bundt pan. I have been baking for many years and love all your recipes, but until I buy a bundt pan I can’t make any of your delicious looking bundt cakes.

  48. how generous of you to host this giveaway! i would go with williams sonoma — i own so much bakeware that could use replacing!

  49. Sur la Table or Williams Sonoma, hard to choose. I’d love a new cast iron!

  50. ooh I hadn’t heard of, but the dried fruits look amazing…I could definitely make myself an amazing trail mix from all the ingredients they have available! although king arthur would also be good to be flour etc for all my baking fun 🙂

  51. I would chose either king arthur and buy dutch processed cocoa powder or William sonoma and put it towards a panini maker

  52. Sur La Table. I need some spatulas and a nice bench scraper!

  53. Sur La Table–there’s lots of thing I could use, but probably a blender!

  54.! Just saw some awesome Neopolitan covered pretzels on there! Yum!

  55. King Arthur Flour…..but not sure what I’d buy! I’ve always wanted to buy something from there, so it would be a tough choice.

  56. I would pick the sur la tab card, and would purchase a new rolling pin. Mine is broken!

  57. Sur la Table and I’d use it to buy canning jars. . . my favorite ones from Italy.

  58. I think I would go crazy at King Arthur Flour!

  59. Ooh!! I think Sur La Table will be my pick.

  60. All of them are so tempting! I have a slight addiction to Williams Sonoma, but because I’m Canadian, have never tried anything by the others. I’ve always wanted to do a huge order from, though. I love dried fruit and finding it organic around here happens only if it comes from my dehydrator!

  61. As much as I adore Sur la table and Williams Sonoma my husband has banned any new kitchen gear from entering our house! (For now anyway). I would choose King Arthur because they have so many offerings on the website I can’t find in stores and would love to get creative.

  62. I’d use Sur la table because I really want some of their nice cute pans 🙂

  63. Probably Sur La Table because I need vanilla paste and I love their fun food options

  64. I’d LOVE the William Sonoma card! They have the BEST bakeware! I’ve been dying for a new cupcake pan!!!!!!

  65. Great giveaway. I would choose Sur la Table. I’d get a pastry wheel, some cookie/biscuit cutters, and some other fun new kitchen equipment.

  66. I would pick King Arthur- I love looking through that catalog and choosing things I would like to buy if I had some extra fun money. I would probably pick a baking pan and some cookie-making supplies.

  67. I would pick Williams Sonoma- my secret passion, love to wander and wonder what to do with all that loveliness! Have a great week!

  68. I’d choose King Arthur Flour – they have such great bakeware! I definitely have my eye on their bite-size cheesecake pans. So many possibilities!

  69. William Sonoma….I am eyeing a nonstick frying pan from there!

  70. Sur la Table! I need some new cookie sheets and a new 13 x 9 pan definitely, and probably a couple other little things.

  71. I’d pick Sur La Table, I’m in need of new spatulas and whisks and saw some great options on their site.

  72. Sur la Table, because everything in their store is so beautiful, and cooking should be beautiful…

  73. Williams Sonoma! I would buy some of their cool kitchen tools!

  74. King Arthur Flour! I would love a pizza stone!

  75. King Arthur flour as there is always something new I just must have for baking/cooking that being said, I had never heard of Sur la Table or Nuts. com so I am looking forward to browsing their sites!

  76. I have to go with King Arthur flour only because I have never shopped there before! Time to try something new!!

  77. I would choose King Arthur – I get their catalog and dream my way through all the bakeware to the sticky bun sugar and to the vietnamese cinnamon!

  78. Sur la Table – I would buy an ice cream maker!!!! You can’t beat homemade ice cream 🙂

  79. Think I would go with and get some yummy chocolate covered almonds or cashews!

    Thanks so much!

  80. Williams-Sonoma for me..Well if I don’t change my mind first 🙂
    Awesome Giveaway!

  81. Definitely King Arthur as I have recently started making breads and I think they have the best stuff for it like different flours.

  82. they are all very tempting…but I think I would opt for trying out I love trying new things and this looks like a great place to do it at.

  83. As much as I love King Arthur Flour, I think I’d choose Sur La Table so I could get things in the actual store. I’d probably get a bundt pan after years of searching for one in thrift stores, and jaybe a different-sized microplane!

    (I don’t know if you’ll be reading every comment, but I’ve been using your recipes for about 3 years, and everything’s been great!)

  84. I would choose King Arthur and get flour and pretty baking things!
    Baking is what I love love to do.

  85. Very tough decision but I would have to say King Arthur Flour…they have a great variety of stuff!

  86. After much deliberation, I believe I’ll go with Sur la Table. I saw so many lovely things I desperately need, especially as my roommate’s moving out next week and will be taking all his kitchenware with him.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  87. Williams Sonoma. Would use towards a new Extreme Brew Coffee Maker. None of the makers we’ve had get the coffee hot enough. Would like to try this one. Happy Birthday.

  88. is my choice because I am very much in need of some essential baking supplies.

  89. Sur la Table. After checking out the website, there are so many things I would love to get there! 🙂

  90. King Arthur Flour – I want to get an instant read thermometer.

  91. It would be tough… love them all. But I think Sur la Table for some new pans!!! or Williams Sonoma… or King Arthur…

  92. Sur La Table – I have had the Gobel Tinned-Steel Square & Rectangular Tart Pan and the mini tartlette pan on my list forever! (But oh my goodness… I never actually went to until just now, thanks for the tip!)

  93. King Arthur; Extracts!

  94. Williams Sonoma! I’m getting a new apartment soon and need some good bake-ware!

  95. I would choose King Arthur Flour and get some stuff for cookie baking – decorating tools and cooling racks!

  96. it would be a toss up btwn and KA and would be decided “in the moment”. both have basic supplies that i need to restock my kitchen after having to leave my former residence.

  97. Williams Sonoma for sure !

  98. Amazing options, so hard to choose. Any would make my day, but I guess if I have to name one I would say Sur La Tab since I want everything in there. I would buy something from the 4th of July collection great stuff for entertaining.

  99. I would choose the Williams-Sonoma gift card because I can get 10% off my next purchase (since I registered there). I would buy a Vitamix. I’ve wanted one forever.

  100. King Arthur Flour would be awesome. I would love to get several G-Free flours, Tahitian Vanilla, and mini peanut butter cups. It would be sweet to be able to get these luxury items!

  101. awesome giveaway. I would probably have to go for the Williams-Sonoma and convince my husband to let me go for the LeCreuset I’ve been drooling over forEVER! How can anyone argue with $50 off? You rock!

  102. would love a gift card to sur la table! moving into my first apartment next year and have a whole wish list of things from there for my kitchen. happy birthday!

  103. Tough choices! I’d get Williams-Sonoma, perhaps for some stemware or a waffle maker.

  104. Williams-Sonoma — I love their food mixes, so I would love to stock up on some favorites!

  105. Williams Sonoma and I would replace my cheap Bundt pan.

  106. King Arthur Flour, I love everything in that catalog, it would be tough to narrow it down but I could use some new cake pans and I’m secretly lusting after their mini cheesecake pan

  107. Williams Sonoma or Sur la Table and put it towards an ice cream maker.

  108. william sonoma because they have the BEST bakeware! I’ve been dying for a new cupcake pan!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  109. Love your photos… you can FEEL the heat by looking at them. 🙂

    WOW! I would love to get a cherry pitter for my husband so that his fingers don’t have to turn so black from handling the cherries! Sur la Table has the largest selection, but there’s one on Williams-Sonoma that might work, too. I’d probably like the Williams-Sonoma card so that I could get something else, too. 🙂

  110. Sur la Table, I want to add the Kitchenaid glass mixing bowl with lid to my mixer– Great for intermittent chilling needs and I can always use another bowl to change out mixing duties when I bake– Thanks for the opportunity!

  111. I’d love to get a card to sur la table; I’d get some glass canning jars!

  112. I’d choose Sur La Table! I could use some of their unusual baking ingredients

  113. – I just got back from Seattle and went to some great bakeries. I’d love the Macrina Bakery cookbooks. (Just wish that Le Reve had one also!)

  114. DUH!! This is how well a teacher follows directions while on vacation!! I’d love the card to be for King Arthur Flour – they have some amazing things I would like to try out.

  115. Sur la table… They have an amazing selection!

  116. to buy lots of pistachios – i have an addiction to them!

  117. I’d probably go with Williams-Sonoma. Though Sur la Table would be a close second.

  118. I would use it at KAF and buy me some goodies that I normally wouldn’t spend $ on… after all, that’s always what I use gift cards for!

  119. Williams Sonoma for sure. I love their baking pans

  120. Williams Sonoma, I would buy some of the items I always look at but have yet to purchase.

  121. I would go for Williams Sonoma, probably to buy some letter cookie cutters and a glass domed cake stand!

  122. Definitely Williams- Sonoma. 🙂 Love that shop!

  123. i covet something from king arthur flour at least once a day.

  124. William Sonoma…I need some canning supplies to preserve my garden harvest! 🙂

  125. Oh, definitely KAF. Lovelovelove them, use ONLY KAF flours, and would love to try some of the other stuff that isn’t in my grocery store!

  126. Sur la table….they have a great selection of almost anything kitchen related!

  127. I’d choose the Williams Sonoma card. I would buy some new canisters for my kitchen 🙂
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  128. I’d do William Sonoma. I could use some professional grade bakeware.

  129. I would pick Sur La table because I love their kitchen necessities!

  130. Sonoma is awesome! I can get some new wife to fillet fish!

  131. I would go for Sonoma because I need some baking instruments!

  132. I like all of them, but I would pick Williams-Sonoma for their high quality kitchen ware.

  133. I think I like Nuts because they are healthy or Sonoma for awesome kitchen utensils!

  134. Williams Sonoma! I love all the hot chocolate mixes and bread mixes!

  135. Sur La Table. I will probably buy a new springform pan or two.

  136. Happy Birthday and Happy 4th of July!

    I would chose King Arthur. I love their vanilla and I’m in need of a new muffin top pan so I would probably chose to get those two things.

    Thanks for doing this! Love your recipes.

  137. Sur La Table! They always have the cutest dishes and fun bakeware! Thanks for the giveaway!

  138. Williams – Sonoma! I’m trying to save up for an ice cream maker. Happy Blog Birthday and many more!

  139. I would love a Sur La Table Gift Card. There are so many kitchen gadgets that I would love to have in case I ever want to make ‘that’ receipe. Sometimes I can’t justify having to spend money on a pan I don’t have or cookie cutter shape for a recipe I only make a couple times a year.

  140. Congrats on 6 years! I’m not sure when exactly I started following you, but it’s been several years – probably most of the 6!
    I think I’d get sur la table if I won because I’ve never bought anything from there and I think it’s dreamy and I’ve been eyeing up a Whoopee Pie pan for quite some time. 🙂

  141. Sur La Table. Waffle cone maker!

  142. I would choose the Williams-Sonoma card and would buy the Littledeer Omelete Spatula and the Pastry Brushes!

  143. Sur La Table. I’d love to get a really nice waffle maker.

  144. I’d love the Sur La Table card! I’d love a slow cooker 🙂

  145. the king arthur card and buy bakeware

  146. I’d use the Williams-Sonoma gift card to buy a cherry pitter for all of the awesome recipes you just shared about cherries.

  147. King Arthur; and I’d purchase extra flour.

  148. I would love the gift card for and I would pick out coconut oil and some gluten free flour.

  149. I would love the King Arthur gift card – I recently visited their flagship store in Vermont, and fell in love. I’d probably buy some of their gluten-free flour, or dutch cocoa powder!

  150. Sur la Table is a favorite of mine. Fondly thinking of a rectangle tart pan and a small size pastry bag.

  151. I would use a Williams-Sonoma gift card to contribute to the money I’ve been saving to buy a Dutch Oven for my mother. It’s something she’s wanted for years. Though she’s only mentioned it once or twice, I can tell by the way she lingers and carefully examines the various options when we are at the store. 🙂

  152. Williams Sonoma I think…because I want a dutch oven!

  153. Sur la table! I have had my eye on a red Le Creuset Stoneware Baker!

  154. I would go with Williams Sonoma and get myself a food scale. That way I wouldn’t have to stand there for 10 minutes doing the math needed to get an ounce from a 3.5 oz chocolate bar.

  155. Such a tough choice between Williams Sonoma and Sur la table! I think I would go with WS… wait no Sur La. Okay, I’d go with Williams Sonoma. But I would angst about it.

  156. Love the 4th of July baking suggestions! Any one of the 4 gifts cards would suit me perfectly.

  157. Williams Sonoma or Sur la Table. I desperately need a good pair of tongs. And cooling racks. And ramekins. And lots of other stuff. 🙂

  158. Sur la table, because I am getting into fermenting my garden veggies and I want some of those Fido canning jars.

  159. I would definitely go with King Arthur Flour! I’m kind of new to baking and I think that all of the extracts would be PERFECT to add more to my new hobby! 🙂

  160. Oh wow, it is a tough choice!!! I think I would choose King Arthur Flour… I think I would get a popover pan!

  161. I’d struggle to choose between KAF and – though there is allllways something I want from KAF.

  162. Surlatable – i’ve been eyeing ice cream makers for a while… Or a Belgian waffle maker works too! 🙂

  163. I would probably go with Surlatable and pick up some barbecue supplies.

  164. I would choose Williams Sonoma. I love their store and I love cooking so I always find plenty of kitchen supplies to choose from! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  165. Yikes! What a great giveaway! I love all those choices. If I have to choose just one, I would say my favorite is Sur la Table.

  166. Oh wow…great giveaway! I suppose I’d have to pick Sur la Table…the last time I was inthe store I had a wish list a mile long!

  167. williams sonoma gc. ill get something for my dad’s 70th bday.
    amramazon280 at yahoo dot com

  168. I’d pick Williams-Sonoma, and possibly get some books or maybe even a Zoku pop maker 🙂

  169. Williams-Sonoma of course! LOOOOVE your blog! 🙂

  170. King Arthur flour. Cuz i really want some high quality self raising flour to make my kids some yummy pancakes. Your blog is awesome. Just discovered it.

  171. I would choose Williams Sonoma. Thank you!

  172. I would choose Sur La Table and I would love to use it toward a Waring Pro® Snow Cone Maker. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  173. What a great giveaway! It would be so hard to pick!!

  174. I would choose Williams Sonoma and have a hard time choosing because everything would do!!

  175. Sur La Table. I always find things I want there and they get some great sale prices. I would use the gift card to help me purchase a cuisinart hand mixer.

  176. Sur La Table. I just discovered their website a couple weeks ago and have enjoyed looking through it! I think I’d go for a Dutch Oven. I’ve never used one, but have seen lots of recipes I would love to try!

  177. Wow, all the gift cards look amazing but I’d have to go with Sur la table. I keep seeing all these great looking recipes for bundt cake but I don’t have a pan!

  178. Sur La Table. I would love to upgrade my knife set!

  179. Tough question….maybe King Arthur so I can buy some gluten free flour

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

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