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Weekly Mix and Birthday Giveaway #3

It’s Friday again! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week. It’s been another lovely week in NYC, although I’m afraid summer is coming far too soon. I’d much rather go from spring directly into fall. How about you? Any summer fans out there? Anyway… on with a round-up of some of my favorites this week.

The Cookie Dough-lympics continued this week with lots of new dessert recipes using the eggless cookie dough from The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook. This Cocoa Pound Cake Cookie Dough Panini with Salted Caramel from Erin’s Food Files is one of my favorites from the past week. I pretty much love anything that includes the words “salted caramel.” Don’t you think it would be worth every delectable calorie?

Lisa of Spicy Ice Cream made these beautiful Lemon Sugar Bundt Cakes. I can’t decide which I like better – the cakes or her photography! Plus, I just adore miniaturized desserts.

Take a minute and just look at this Banana and Chocolate Chip Baked French Toast from Heidi at Foodie Crush. Are you drooling yet? I don’t bake a lot for breakfast, but this is one of those magical make-it-the-night-before breakfasts that I can really get behind.

Now, on to this week’s birthday giveaway. As you may know by now, this month marks SIX years for Bake or Break! In celebration, I’m giving away some of my favorite baking essentials. This week’s item I love is an Emile Henry pie dish. You can see mine in action most recently with this cheesecake.

UPDATE: Contest has ended. Be sure to check back for more great giveaways!

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  1. I followed on pinterest and pinned cinnamon apple scones:

  2. I’d love to be entered – I follow you on twitter as @lo_ts

  3. I shared my favorite – the fudgey layered squares on pinterest

  4. I follow on all three! I just shared focaccia (my computer is trying to autocorrect that to flaccid…awkward.) with onion & rosemary on facebook…

  5. …and dark chocolate sour cherry brownies on twitter…

  6. …and chocolate espresso cookies on Pinterest! So much good stuff…!

  7. Thanks for including me in your roundup!

  8. i already follow on facebook

  9. It’s always nice to find another person who doesn’t think summer is the best of all the seasons. 🙂 I’d love to jump from spring to fall also. My plan for this summer is to get out and do things early – hopefully this will let me skip the worst of the sun and heat.

  10. I follow you on Facebook!

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  12. I pinned your cookie dough billionaire bars on Pinterest

  13. Shared this recipe and my friends and are making your Chocolate Cookie Dough Cheesecake this weekend!!!

  14. I already follow you on Pinterest and pinned your Cookie Dough Billionaire Bars. Plan on making them this weekend!

  15. Just pinned your scrumptious-looking chocolate chip-filled melting moments!

  16. I already follow on Facebook…

  17. Love the color of that dish! Already follow you on pinterest

  18. I follow you on Pinterest.

  19. I am officially a follower on Facebook and left the Cocoa Cake recipe on my facebook!

  20. Jennifer again – I just posted another one of my favorites, the sour cream coffee cake with chocolate and nuts, to my Pinterest page!

  21. I follow you on facebook!

  22. I follow you on twitter @amylou61

  23. I posted your recipe for Limoncello Cheesecake bars on FB. Did you re-make the recipe using Limoncello instead of vodka? It’s a good recipe!

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  25. I’m following on Pinterest!

  26. nice!!
    I follow u on pinterest 🙂 didn’t know which recipe to post on my pinterest account coz all of them r soooo amazing!!!

    *fingers crossed*

  27. The Hazelnut Brownie Tart was so good. Disappeared in a day.

  28. I read your blog but now I’m also following you on Pinterest!

  29. I shared the Pecan Pie Cupcakes because they’re so super simple and GOOD!

    (I follow you on all three sites)

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  32. I think I need to try your vanilla bean cheesecake bars! They look amazing!

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  37. I liked on facebook 🙂

  38. I shared macadamia shortbread on pinterest 🙂

  39. How funny, I was standing right there on the highline this past Sunday! What a marvelous piece of art. 🙂

  40. I follow you on pinterest- and I cannot wait to start making some of the recipes you have pinned!!

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