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    22 Comments on “Baking with BoB 2007”

  1. Wow! I’ve been a fan of your blog for this past year and I must say you have a fantastic roundup of recipes here. Thanks for the great pictures and delicious food posts šŸ™‚ I featured your supernatural brownies on my blog as one of my favorite 5 recipes. they are my go to chocolate treat. Happy new year!

  2. WOW. Impressive. Great photos.

  3. What a great roundup of your recipes. Since the pictures are always the clincher for me, I happily bookmarked this so I can pick and choose new things to try over the next year. Thanks!

  4. Great photos. Great food. Great Sis!

    Way to go on the blog. I am so proud of you!!!

    In 2008 I will do my best to sample as much of your baking as possible. It is the least I can do. Ha!

  5. I could never decide on which one of these recipes & photos I like the best—thanks for a delicious year!

  6. Great collage of your desserts! Happy New Year and may more goodies coming out of your kitchen!

  7. Thanks for the pictures….. and the yummy recipes! Happy New Year!

  8. great roundup of your delicious creations! Happy New Year Jennifer!

  9. Happy New Year
    I love your blog.

  10. When I see your website in my email I get excited. Wonderful recipes with pictures that peek my interest. May you have a blessed, safe, and wonderful New Year. I look forward to sharing 2008 with you.

  11. I would like to place an order…

  12. Thanks to each of you for your kind words. What wonderful encouragement to keep BoB busy! I hope to have many delicious things to share with you in 2008. Have a wonderful new year!

  13. Wow! That collage is seriously impressive.

    Happy New Year, Jennifer!

  14. Now that is one heck of a year.
    Here’s to a happy and stress free 2008!

  15. Thanks, Angela and Peabody! Happy new year to you, too!

  16. Wow. I have enjoyed so many of your posts this year; it’s fun to see all of the pictures on one screen. Happy New Year and best wishes for 2008!

  17. Thanks for this collage. I’m bookmarking this entry so I can remember which great desserts I want to attempt. You rock. Happy New Year!

  18. Thank you so much, Jennifer! Best wishes in the new year.

    Thanks, Bakerella! Happy new year to you, too.

  19. Looking at these pictures reminds me of why I don’t bake often… I’d be so fat! šŸ™‚

  20. Chris, moderation can be your friend. That and giving most of the really decadent stuff away (after tasting it, of course).

  21. Oh I like your collage, very inspiring and a quick way to get to your recipes! I’m going to give those marscapone brownies you posted a try because I have a half a pot left and lots of chocolate. As we say here in France, Meilleurs voeux pour 2008!

  22. Thanks, Jane! I hope you like the brownies.

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