Prosciutto-Swiss Rolls

Prosciutto-Swiss Rolls

When I came home Thanksgiving Eve to find Quinn sick and in bed, he had started making these rolls earlier in the day for our big meal the next day. I assured him I could finish and left him to wallow. He had everything mixed, and the dough was rising. No big deal, I thought. I just have to knead it a bit, form the rolls, and let it rise a bit. Quinn said that the cookbook he was using was out and open to the page I needed. I walked back to the kitchen, found the book, read the instructions, and debated going back out to buy frozen rolls at the grocery store.

The recipe is in a not-so-little book called Baking and Pastry: Mastering the Art and Craft by Culinary Institute of America. This is the book I like to get out any time I’m feeling confident about my baking abilities. It’s always sure to knock you down a couple of notches. The problem, I think, is that this book assumes you know how to do everything. It’s not exactly brimming with explanations and descriptions. Of course, I am not much of a bread baker to begin with. I usually leave that to Quinn, but desperate times and all that.

Very long story made mostly short, I survived the process. I must say that these rolls are exceptionally good. I really liked the saltiness that the prosciutto added. The Swiss cheese was tasty, too, but I will say that the original recipe called for provolone. Either way would be good. They were a nice compliment to our Thanksgiving dinner. These would also be great made smaller and served as appetizers.

I am determined not to be daunted by this cookbook. I do usually shy away from it, although Quinn likes to use it. Culinary Institute of America also has a book entititled Baking at Home. I think that might be a better selection for me, and I could work my way up to the other.

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