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Mix Review: King Arthur Flour Cranberry-Orange Muffins

I am a devourer of The Baker’s Catalogue. When it comes in the mail, I flip through it over and over, making not so subtle circles around all the things I want. At the back, there are usually a few pages devoted to mixes. As I’ve mentioned before, I am not a big fan of mixes, but I am trying to have an open mind. So, in our local grocery store, I happened upon a package of their Cranberry-Orange Muffin Mix and decided to give it a try.

A quick read of the ingredients is encouraging. Whole wheat flour, all-purpose flour, cranberries, orange powder, baking powder, baking soda, whey, corn flour, and milk protein. More or less what you’d put in them yourself, I suppose.

The directions are simple enough. Eggs, butter, milk, salt, and the mix. The mix makes 9 muffins, or it can be made into a quickbread. I chose muffins and made 12 slightly smaller muffins.

The muffins were actually very good. I made them for our breakfast, and Quinn had seconds. The cranberry-orange combination was a bit different for me, but I definitely liked it. Overall, I would say that these are a good thing, especially for something to have around to whip up for a quick breakfast.

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    8 Comments on “Mix Review: King Arthur Flour Cranberry-Orange Muffins”

  1. im glad it turned out well… i love the flavor combination!

  2. I love that catalouge…my husband cringes when he sees it the mail because he knows I will be wanting something.

  3. Hahaha…I do the same thing circling half the things in the catalogue! It’s nice to read a review of one of their mixes because I haven’t tried any of them. I did get a free bag of blueberry muffin mix with my last order but I haven’t made it yet. Maybe I’ll copy you and do a review of it on my site one of these days.

  4. Go for it, Nicole. I’d love to hear your opinion of them.

  5. I as well don’t really like mixes – you’re right it’s basically a mix of things you would put in yourself anyway, but I don’t know – it just doesn’t feel self-made…
    these look really nice though!
    when I was a kid I used to ‘make’ those cupcakes with pink icing and eatable picture…yum! maybe I should give them another shot…=)

  6. I love everything to do with King Arthur. Their products and their cookbooks! Unfortunately we can only get their products on-line here in Canada which makes it quite expensive.

  7. I love your site!!! All the recipes that I’ve tried are the best and the selection of stuff has made BOB my go to place. I have your book, as well and just wanted to commend you on your passion. Thank you very much!

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