I heart my double ovens

August’s “I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours” (which was thankfully extended through the weekend), brought to us by Cate at Sweetnicks, asks the question, “What item in my kitchen can I not live without?” With no hesitation, I can tell you that my answer is double ovens. When we were beginning the process of building a house, I told Quinn that I only had three requirements. One of those was double ovens.

Honestly, I thought they would really only be helpful during the holidays or when I was preparing huge amounts of food. I quickly realized that I was using them all the time. Need bread with dinner? Dinner in one oven, bread in the other. Baking more than one sheet of cookies? Heat ’em both up and get them done faster.

I frequently and nervously remind Quinn that if we ever move or build again, I really must have double ovens. I don’t think it’s negotiable. Once you’ve had them, you just can’t go back. I feel so efficient and organized when they’re both fired up. Like I really know what I’m doing in there. Plus, well, they’re pretty.

By the way, for Quinn’s benefit, I have to give mention to my vent hood. After Quinn got it wired, installed, and finished (which was apparently a lot of trouble), he suggested that I tell him every day how much I love my vent hood. Hopefully, this nonverbal mention will satisfy him for today.

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